Screw cutting

Discover our screw cutting service.

Discover our Screw Cutting service offered by Atelier Sauvage. Screw cutting is an essential technique in the world of mechanics and machining.

At Atelier Sauvage, we are dedicated to mastering this method perfectly in order to provide our clients with impeccable quality services.

Screw cutting
Cutting of an endless screw.

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What is screw cutting?

The screw cutting method is a machining technique that involves creating threads on a cylindrical rod. This allows for the production of a screw. This operation is crucial for the manufacturing of mechanical parts, as it ensures the precise assembly and attachment of various components.

Screw cutting involves several steps, including material preparation, turning to calibrate the piece, and the actual threading. This can be achieved through material removal, plastic deformation, or rolling. The choice of method depends on the type of screw to be produced, its characteristics, and the requirements in terms of quality and strength.

Screw cutting

Cutting of a 192-tooth module 6 bronze worm wheel.

Screw cutting

Screw wheel.

The different methods of screw cutting

Material removal cutting;
- This method involves removing material to create the thread. It is commonly used for fine-pitch screws or special thread screws.

Plastic deformation cutting;
- Here, the material is cold-deformed to obtain the thread. This technique is used for standard screws and provides increased mechanical strength.

Rolling cutting;
- The thread is obtained by pressure between two rollers. This method ensures precise threading and an excellent surface finish.

The different steps of screw cutting

The screw cutting process involves several crucial steps. First, material preparation is essential to ensure a high-quality screw. Commonly used materials include stainless steel, brass, plastic, and aluminum.

Next, the turning operation is performed to prepare the piece before cutting, ensuring a perfectly calibrated cylinder is obtained. Then, the cutting is carried out according to the chosen method, using suitable tools such as milling cutters, dies, or knurling wheels to create the thread.

Finally, each screw undergoes a rigorous quality control check to verify its compliance with standards and the client's specific requirements.

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