Industrial grinding

What is Industrial Grinding?

Industrial grinding is a surface finishing process used in the industry to improve dimensional precision and surface quality of mechanical parts. It involves controlled material removal to achieve a smooth and precise surface.

Why is Industrial Grinding Important?

Industrial grinding is crucial for many industries as it allows for the production of high-quality mechanical parts that meet the required precision and performance standards. It is used in various sectors including aerospace, automotive, precision mechanics, and electronics.

Industrial grinding
Surface grinding up to 2500 mm in length

Types of Industrial Grinding

There are several types of industrial grinding, each suited for specific applications:

  • Plane grinding: used for grinding flat surfaces, such as metal plates.
  • Cylindrical grinding: used for grinding cylindrical surfaces, such as transmission shafts.
  • Profile grinding: used for grinding complex shapes, such as gears.
  • Internal grinding: used for grinding internal surfaces, such as bores.
Cylindrical grinding

Cylindrical grinding up to 1000 mm between centers

Industrial Grinding Equipment

Les équipements comprennent principalement les rectifieuses, qui sont des machines-outils utilisées pour effectuer la rectification. Il existe différents types de rectifieuses, notamment les rectifieuses planes, cylindriques, de profil et intérieures.

Industrial Grinding Process

The industrial grinding process generally includes several steps:

  • Part preparation: the part to be ground is fixed to the grinding machine and aligned correctly.
  • Grinding: the part is ground with a rotating abrasive tool to remove material and smooth the surface.
  • Finishing: the part is finished with a smaller grain abrasive tool to achieve a smoother and more precise surface.
  • Quality control: the part is measured to ensure it meets the required dimensional and surface tolerances.
Atelier Sauvage's Industrial Grinding Services

Atelier Sauvage offers a complete range of high-quality industrial grinding services to meet the needs of its customers. We use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced production techniques to provide exceptional precision and surface quality.

Our industrial grinding services include:

  • Plane
  • Cylindrical
  • Profile
  • Internal
  • We work with a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze and are able to process parts of all sizes and shapes.


As a sector leader, Atelier Sauvage is committed to providing superior industrial grinding services and meeting the precision requirements of its customers.

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your industrial grinding needs.

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Grinding rubber rollers

Grinding of a pinion shaft with helical teeth 29 teeth module 14

Grinding rubber rollers
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