Atelier Sauvage

Expertise in Precision Mechanics

Welcome to Atelier Sauvage, the heart of innovation in precision mechanics. Our commitment: to transform European-origin raw materials into superior mechanical solutions. Discover a trusted partner for your most ambitious projects, recognized nationally and internationally.

Our commitment: Quality and precision

Atelier Sauvage stands out for its unique approach that combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Our team, driven by a passion for mechanics, is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of each client with precision.

Cutting-edge industry capabilities

Our expertise spans a wide range of services: from precise cutting to complex machining, including milling and custom finishes. Our ability to work with pieces up to 4000 mm demonstrates our adaptability and commitment to excellence.

Portfolio: A glimpse of our expertise

Our portfolio showcases our ability to tackle mechanical challenges of all sizes. From machining pump bodies to manufacturing bevel gears, each achievement is the result of refined expertise.

Custom Services

Exceptional manufacturing

Discover the diversity of our production, characterized by complete mastery of manufacturing processes and in-depth knowledge of materials.

High-quality welding

We master various welding techniques, ensuring the durability and performance of each piece.

Precision cutting

We offer conical and cylindrical cutting services, optimized to meet the strictest precision and quality requirements.

Precision machining

Our machining examples demonstrate our flexibility and commitment to providing solutions tailored to each project.

Advanced milling

Our expertise in milling allows us to create complex parts with impeccable finishing, illustrated by concrete examples of our work.

Specialized grinding

Our grinding techniques ensure exceptional surface quality, suitable for various applications.

Repair expertise

Our ability to repair and restore a wide range of industrial equipment underscores our versatility and technical know-how.


Discover Atelier Sauvage's custom gears. Tailor-made solutions for optimal mechanical performance. Expertise, quality, and dedicated customer service. Car key duplication in Liège also available.
Atelier Sauvage supports you and provides information on the importance of gearbox revision in the industry.
Maintaining your pump is an important process, we provide insights on Pump repair: When to repair and when to replace.
Contact us for a tailored collaboration

Your mechanical project is unique, and our team is ready to meet the challenge. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and discover how Atelier Sauvage can contribute to the success of your project.

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