Manufacture of chain wheels

Discover our service of Manufacture of wheels with chains.

A chain wheel manufacturing service offered by Atelier Sauvage. Chain wheels are key components in many industrial equipment. They are used to transmit power from one gear to another via a chain, allowing different elements to be connected in a mechanical system.

Materials worked:

Manufacture of chain wheels
Chain Wheel for Bucket Conveyor

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Key steps in manufacturing

The manufacturing of chain wheels is a complex process that requires extensive expertise. Key steps include design, cutting, heat treatment, drilling, turning, and milling.

Each of these steps is crucial for the quality and reliability of chain wheels. Our workshop guides you through all the key steps in the manufacturing of chain wheels.

Different types of chain wheels

There are different types of chain wheels, each with specific characteristics to meet the needs of various industrial equipment. The most common types include chain wheels with:
Chain wheels with straight teeth are the most common and are used in a wide variety of industrial applications.
Manufacture of chain wheels

The advantages of using chain wheels

Manufacture of chain wheels

Chain wheels offer many advantages for industrial equipment. They are capable of transmitting high levels of power, even over long distances.

Furthermore, they are more reliable and durable than transmission belts. Chain wheels are also easier to maintain and replace than belts.

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