Fabrication of axes by our workshop

Discover our Axis manufacturing service through our workshop?

An axle manufacturing service by our workshop offered by the Sauvage workshop.

Materials worked:

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Fabrication of axes by our workshop

Manufacture of an axis diam 360 mm x 16 meters in three sections.

Manufacture of sets of mechanical parts

Conical torque with inclined teeth, to plump up stationery.

Production challenges

The manufacture of axles for the mechanical industry is a complex challenge that involves production challenges to overcome.

This industry is constantly evolving. Customers are asking for lighter and better performing parts, with finer tolerances.

In addition, the mechanical industry is subject to increasingly stringent requirements in terms of resistance, reliability and durability.

It is therefore essential that axle manufacturers are able to meet these requirements to guarantee quality products.

Fabrication of axes by our workshop

Technological innovation

To meet these challenges, Maison Sauvage regularly invests in technological innovation. Using state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to improve production processes. This guarantees increased precision during the manufacture of the axes, as well as greater flexibility to adapt to specific customer needs.

In addition, the company is also investing in developing new materials and new heat treatments to meet the needs of the mechanical industry in terms of performance and durability.

In short, the manufacture of axles for the mechanical industry is a complex challenge that requires technical expertise, flexibility, technological innovation, and the ability to comply with constantly changing standards in order to offer high-performance, reliable and quality products. superior quality.

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