Mechanowelded Assembly

Discover our Mechanowelding Set service.

Discover our Mechanowelding Set service offered by Atelier Sauvage. We are constantly exploring the new frontiers of engineering. Today, we are proud to present our new Mechanowelding Set. An integrated solution that merges mechanical and welding techniques into a unique system.

Materials worked:

Mechanowelded Assembly

Welded wheel.

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Design and Operation

Our assembly is the result of years of rigorous research and development. It has been meticulously designed to ensure optimal robustness and reliability, calling on a sophisticated architecture and the highest quality materials.

The mechanical welding process is at the heart of our system. It uses cutting-edge techniques to merge metal parts with extraordinary precision. This is achieved by meticulously controlling the parameters of the welding process, such as temperature, pressure, and time, to ensure a perfect fusion of materials.

Benefits of this Assembly

Efficiency is at the heart of our Mechanowelded Assembly. With its integration of mechanics and welding, it allows for unparalleled assembly speed and a significant reduction in operating costs.

Furthermore, the combination of these two techniques increases the precision of the assembly, thus reducing potential errors.

This assembly is designed for a wide range of applications; vehicle construction, industrial production, aerospace. Its versatility makes it ideal for any company looking for an efficient and robust welding solution.

Atelier Sauvage continues to innovate by offering high-quality engineering solutions, like our Mechanowelded Assembly.

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