Boring Works Service

Discover our Boring Works Service

Discover our Boring Works Service offered by the Wild Workshop. Boring is a machining technique that involves enlarging a pre-existing hole in a workpiece.

This allows for the creation of smooth and precise interior surfaces. This method is often employed to adjust the size of holes or to correct positioning errors.

The Wild Workshop is skilled in boring works to provide you with high-precision parts and a perfect finish.

Materials worked:

Boring Works Service

Machining on boring machines up to 4000 mm in length – boring machines with moving column or fixed bed

Boring Works Service

Rehabilitation of bores in a reducer casing for a pulp press.

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The Advantages of Boring Works

Boring works offer numerous advantages, including:

  1. Precision : We use modern boring machines and master machining techniques. We can guarantee high precision in enlarging holes.
  2. Versatility : Boring works allow for the machining of a wide variety of materials, ranging from metals to plastics and even composites.
  3. Flexibility : Boring machines are capable of adjusting hole sizes across a wide range of dimensions, providing a suitable solution for numerous industrial applications.
Boring Works Service

Drilling a rolling mill cylinder

The Applications of Boring Works

Boring works are commonly used in various industries as well as in the production of machine tools. They are essential for the manufacturing of parts such as shafts, gears, and pinions that require perfectly adjusted holes to function correctly.
The Expertise of the Wild Workshop
The Wild Workshop has a team of experts in boring works who strive to meet your specific needs. We work with modern machine tools and demonstrate expertise. We can guarantee optimal quality and high precision in our work.
A team at your disposal

Our team is available for any information or questions.

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