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Discover our roll manufacturing service.

Discover our Roll manufacturing service offered by the Sauvage workshop.

The Sauvage Workshop is a company specializing in the industrial roll manufacturing for a variety of applications. Rollers are key components in many industries such as papermaking, packaging, material processing, and textile production. The quality and reliability of the rollers manufactured by the Sauvage Workshop are fundamental to the success of their clients.

Materials worked:

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Roll Manufacturing Process

The industrial roll manufacturing process at the Sauvage Workshop involves several rigorous steps. First and foremost, the selection of materials is crucial to ensure the quality of the final product.

The company uses high-quality materials such as stainless steel, tempered steel, and brass to ensure durability and wear resistance.

Next, the actual production starts with the cutting and shaping of the materials. The materials are cut to the customer's specifications and shaped into rollers.

The shaping process may include steps such as turning, drilling, and grooving to achieve the desired shape and features.

roll manufacturing

Surface treatment for improved resistance

Once the rollers are shaped, the Sauvage Workshop subjects them to a surface treatment for improved wear and corrosion resistance. This may include surface coating, painting, or heat treatment.
Quality Control for Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
Finally, the Sauvage Workshop performs a quality control for guaranteed customer satisfaction. This is a rigorous check on each produced roller. The rollers are subjected to strength and endurance tests to ensure that they meet the company's high quality standards. Only rollers that meet these standards are approved for delivery to customers.

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