Straight helical cylindrical gear hobbing

Discover our service of straight helical cylindrical gear hobbing

Discover our service of straight helical cylindrical gear hobbing offered by Atelier Sauvage. Our company has been specialized in gear manufacturing for many years.

We are equipped with a range of machines for straight helical cylindrical gear hobbing.

Our experts in the field master perfectly the techniques of hobbing, finishing, and control.

Straight helical cylindrical gear hobbing

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The advantages of straight helical cylindrical gears

Straight helical cylindrical gears offer many advantages over traditional straight gears. Indeed, they allow for a quieter transmission thanks to their inclined teeth. Moreover, their engagement is more gradual, which reduces vibrations and shocks.

They are also more resistant to wear thanks to the distribution of loads over a larger surface area. They thus offer a longer service life and greater reliability.

The stages of gear hobbing

Gear hobbing is a manufacturing operation that allows teeth to be cut into a cylinder. To manufacture straight helical cylindrical gears, we follow several production stages. First, we analyze your needs. We can determine the dimensions and characteristics of the gear to be manufactured.

Then, we trace the piece to be machined and prepare the machine for hobbing. The machine used to cut these gears is a CNC milling machine. It allows for precise machining of gear teeth by following the profiles and angles.

Once the hobbing is done, we proceed to finish the teeth using a grinding wheel. This step allows for the adjustment of the shape and dimensions of the teeth, ensuring perfect functionality.

Finally, we perform a quality control to ensure that the gear meets the required specifications.

Straight helical cylindrical gear hobbing

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